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NDC Reverse Engineer Obsolete MicroTech Chiller System Controller

McQuay Chiller

(APRIL 2011)

First commissioned in 1998 the CSC is a self contained micro-processor based device controlling upto 12 McQuay or JE Hall screw chillers. It can also monitor and control a variety of system equipment such as cooling tower fans, bypass valves and secondary pumps.

The unit is able to communicate with, and control 7 types of McQuay chillers; Centriff 200/100, Recip – Standard, Screw, Recip- European, HallScrew Screw and AGU.

It also provides a variety of data that can be used to determine the overall status of the chiller system including; operating state, current chiller stage, chiller load, status, water temperatures, chiller run time and cooling tower status.

NDC’s dedicated R&D Team have now finalised the capture of circuits, I/O, parts, schematics and set up and test data enabling the production of robust and comprehensive Test – Diagnose – Repair – Test Procedures.

If you have had difficulty supporting these units, contact your local NDC Service Centre to discuss the service, repair and test options now available.

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