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Support For Wind Turbine Soft Start

Wind Turbine Soft Start

(APRIL 2011)

Engineering Update: NDC have completed a reverse engineering project featuring the Fairford QFE 690V Soft Start utilized in Wind Turbine applications.

The units are used in fixed-speed wind turbines during their connection to the grid.

The soft-starter’s function is to reduce the in-rush current by building up the magnetic flux slowly in the generator, thereby limiting the disturbances to the grid. Without a soft-starter, the in-rush current can be several times the rated current, which can cause the generator to have a dangerously high starting torque that, in turn, causes severe voltage disturbances on the grid.


We have now established Test – Diagnose – Repair –Test Procedures for the Soft Start, Control Cards and Keypads and are able to offer a comprehensive repair and function test service at all our UK Service Centres.

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