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NDC Roll Out Repair And Test Capability For Dynahoist Vector Drives

(OCTOBER 2011)

Following an extensive reverse engineering programme, NDC can now offer a comprehensive and UK-based repair and function test service across the Dynahoist Vector Drive series.

Hoist controller drives fail more often than luffing or slewing crane drives because of the control issue with larger loads. The hoist controllers require the setting up of complex parameters in order to operate a stepless speed control to improve accuracy at low speeds with large loads. Some of the advantages of the hoist control are that it reduces mechanical stresses due to soft starting and stopping, and it also reduces the break wear due to electrical breaking. It was the complexity of these units in terms of the hardware and software that made the reverse engineering programme a challenge for our R&D team. However, NDC can now repair, test and reprogram these units at our UK Service Centres. Additionally, we can test the units with a range of different AC motors. If you have had difficulty supporting these units in the UK then call your local NDC Service Centre via free phone 0800 137104 to discuss the support that is now available.

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