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The Importance Of Application Testing For Crane Inverters

(MARCH 2012)

NDC have been repairing and refurbishing Tower Crane Inverters for over ten years and we have built a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. We recognised at an early stage, the importance of Full application testing.

It would be easy for a repair organisation to test an inverter in its basic state without taking into consideration aspects such as Load testing, Feedback verification and elements of the control inputs and safety relay outputs used in the Tower Crane. Other important considerations are the software and parameter aspects.

We have seen OEM repairs carried out where the hardware may have been replaced or at least a major module may have been. In these circumstances, the programming aspects may have been neglected.

Our approach is simple, we function test the inverter, in line with our stated objective of íTest, Diagnose, Repair, Testí procedure. This approach remains the same whether the unit is a Hoist, Trolley or Slew inverter. We apply the control wiring as per application and add-in the correct feedback method where necessary. At this point we can apply load to the unit to the rated specification. We also verify the correct operation of any output or control signals relating to safety and mechanical brakes. We have an extensive application-related library for control diagrams.

All inverters are refurbished to a very high standard and with the testing approach we take; you can be sure that the Inverter has been given a thorough overhaul and test.

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