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VLT MCD Series Soft Starts

VLT MCD Series

(MAY 2012)

NDC have added the VLT MCD Series Soft Starts to our Danfoss Register of Supported Repairs.

This incorporates the following units:

The project to Reverse Engineer and establish Test - Diagnose - Repair - Test Procedures was completed in April following a decision in 2011 to invest into a new diagnostic and function testing capability for the units.

We can now offer a UK-based repair and test solution for these units within our standard or rapid service from our Manchester and Slough Service Centres
(our standard 3 year warranty on all HVACR Drives and Soft Starts applies).

We have been supporting repairs to Danfoss HVAC Drives since the early 1980s when we first became engaged in the HVAC and Refrigeration Industry.

Take a look at our Danfoss Repairs Register to see when a given drive was added to our supported listing. We are still servicing, refurbishing and repairing many of the units listed. So if you have had difficulty finding an expert resource to support your Danfoss HVACR Drives, please call us.

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