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NDC Invests In Enhanced Diagnostic And Testing Capability: KONE V3F16 Drives



NDC's R&D Team are constantly seeking ways to drive continuous improvement and innovation in our business - and whilst this helps us to keep ahead of our competitors, it also helps our customers to keep ahead of theirs. To us this makes sense all around.

The Team has recently completed a six month project to design, build and commission a 2.3T test rig to bring an even greater level of interrogative capacity to our V3F16 repair service.


NDC's R&D Manager takes up the story; “My team were tasked with giving NDC a world class resource that would simulate weeks of on-site operation for the V3F16 drive, post repair. We have now built a modified KONE FURE two-floor elevator system that will test these drives on an automated sequence for 150 runs prior to despatch. This means that in addition to simulating on-site operation, we can now monitor drive temperature, motor temperature, brake release timing, motor pre-torque, roll-back and levelling accuracies. This is also the only way to fully test the shaft map parameterisation and flash memory functions within the V3F16 module”.


We have now deployed this testing facility as a routine component in the overhaul and repair of all our V3F16 drives.

To view the operation of our test rig please follow the link: Show


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