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Wind Farm – Power Factor Correction Units


The repair of CLMM-690/50-2X50 Power Correction Units, manufactured by ABB presented a challenge to NDC. These units are used to tune the output from the turbines. 

Having approached the OEM, it was understood that they could no longer support the product and that the answer would be to retro-fit new units. This would entail replacing all of the units with other system components, leading to a lengthy lead time whilst the upgrades were carried out.  NDC’s policy of ‘TEST-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR-TEST’’ involves highly skilled ‘reverse engineering’ techniques to achieve the high reliability standards required. This product has now been added to our Repairs Register which contains now contains over 12,000 items of electronic equipment.

NDC‘s R & D engineers, were tasked to examine the units using our, ‘TEST-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR-TEST’ reverse engineering techniques. It became apparent, quite early on that the failure of the capacitors had caused catastrophic damage to the units. The capacitor banks having physically burned in many cases, replacement of the capacitors, connectors and refurbishment of the case, was likely to be needed to affect a satisfactory repair.

Following the ‘TEST-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR-TEST’ procedures, specifically designed to repair and refurbish these units, replacement capacitors and connectors were fitted to the newly refurbished case. Testing was carried out successfully to ensure integrity and rated conformance to the product specifications.

Returned units are now back in service and performing to specification. We are presently looking to offer a similar service on the Siemens, Bonus Energy power factor correction equipment.


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