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172 Stone Columns Complete For New NDC Service Center Building

NDC Service Center Construction


Some of you may have already heard that NDC are getting a new state of the art Service Centre building to house their workshop and office facilities. The 6,700 square foot purpose built facility is being constructed directly next to sister company CPM’s head quarters, and will represent a £750,000 investment.

Williams Tarr are conducting the construction work and have so far stabilised the ground and started work to create a solid, deep foundation for the building. Mike Bellamy of Williams Tarr has confirmed that the aim has been to level the ground and ensure that it’s stable enough to create effective foundations. Once the ground was stabilised, Williams Tarr set to work creating Piles for the foundation. 


The process of Piling in construction work requires the use of special machinery to drill a hole in the ground and simultaneously fill the hole with concrete. The concrete columns create deep foundations for the building to sit on. Bellamy has confirmed that 172 stone columns have now been placed into the ground ready for the next stage of the construction work. 


Over three quarters of the foundation laying work will be complete by Monday 25th November. The next step is for Williams Tarr to start laying the steel work. 


It looks like we're on schedule and with the initial stages almost complete NDC are getting exciting to be moving to their new state of the art home by early 2014.

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