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Metal Structure Built For The NDC Service Centre

NDC Service Center Construction


Despite the weather, the shape of the new NDC Service Centre building is beginning to take form, and it’s starting take on a more recognisable structure. The Piling process has been complete, which saw stone columns pumped into the ground to stabilise the surface. The metal structure is laid on top of the concrete piles, which form the deep rooted foundations to the building. 

The metal structure that you see in the picture is nearly complete and will be finished within the next few days. The next step will be to add the brick work, which is when the building really starts to take shape. In the New Year the final touches will be added, with the roof and minor details coming into effect.  


We’re getting more and more excited over at NDC as the building starts to take shape. But in the meantime, it’s business as usual over in our workshop. 

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