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Lifetime Warranty Announcement

(20 JANUARY 2014)

NDC’s Technical and Commercial Teams have finalized a seminal Lifetime Warranty concept that is set to revolutionize the repairs industry within the British Lift market. 



Effective from January 1st 2014, NDC’s Lifetime Warranty will guarantee  KONE V3F16 (L,ES, R) Drives - supplied on a Service Exchange basis or by a Direct Sale - for the lifetime of your contract with your customer.


This means that NDC will repair or replace your drive on fault without charge during the lifetime of that contract . As long as you maintain the contract with your customer, your drive will remain under warranty with NDC. 


Some of the benefits to our customers will include:


 Assured reliability over the lifetime of your service contracts


Confidence in supporting these technologies


Greater definition of projected contract costs


Competitive advantage when tendering for service contracts


Builds trust and longevity with your customers

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