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NDC Building Nearly Complete!

NDC Service Center Construction

(JANUARY 2014)

After a few weeks of building the frame, the new NDC Service Centre building is really starting to look like a building. It won’t be long until NDC can move from their current property at Stretford Motorway Estate, Trafford Park, and re-located into their new HQ located next to sister company, CPM Engineering on Barton Dock Road.  

Work has started on the new car park, as you can see from the picture, and will soon be complete. The next few weeks will involve completing the work for the inside of the building, including building walls, installing electrics and completing the office space and laboratory area. The building will represent a £1 million investment and will total a 7,200 square foot area comprised of workshop and office space facilities.


It won’t be long until Williams Tarr have completed the project and NDC can settle into their new home. 

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