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NDC Announce Acopos B & R Drive Repair Capability

Acopos B&R Drive Repairs


NDC’s dedicated research and development team have completed work on the re-engineering of Acopos B&R Drives. This means that NDC can now offer a level of reliability to their repairs comparable with the Original Equipment Manufacturers but offering a much quicker turnaround and at a much reduced cost.   

Our dedicated R&D team have delivered a successful reverse engineering project involving B&R Acopos Servo Drives, Servo Motors and Encoders. We are now able to deliver a drive repair solution when a failure occurs through our state of the art testing rigs which are based in NDC’s Service Centre facility in Manchester, UK.


NDC now have the capacity to repair and test Acopos B&R Drives on a Rapid or Standard Service. The reverse engineering project that our R&D team have undertaken has enabled us to successfully programme the servo system, meaning that we can meet our criteria of ‘Test, Diagnose, Repair, Test’.


The system also includes a specialist motor which NDC ServoLab’s R&D Manager commented: "These motors use a digital encoder using the endat 2.2 interface which also has an inbuilt eeprom containing data pertaining to the motor and the drive that enables these motors to run within the B&R system. If this data is programmed incorrectly the motor will not function in the correct way which results in damage to the servo system”. 


Two state-of-the-art testing rigs have been developed at NDC’s Service Centre and are designed in a way that let us test the drives to their full capacity before and after repair. We provide a free, no obligation quotation and will collect and deliver for free to anywhere in the UK. Get in touch with our specialist team today for your free quotation on: 0800 137 104.


This investment allows NDC to offer a credible alternative to the OEM.


Visit our dedicated website for Acopos B&R Drive Repairs for more information, and to find out more about our drive testing facility. 

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