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Investment To Add Variodyn Drives To Supported Schindler Portfolio

(APRIL 2014)

NDC's R&D Team recently completed a project commissioned during 2012/13 to reverse engineer and establish a run test facility for the Schindler Variodyn range of drives.


The drives running the Schindler MX machine have historically proved difficult to repair and test - often leaving service companies with little alternative but to purchase replacement units.

The project represented a real challenge to our Engineers and their brief was to  develop a solution for service and maintenance companies that were seeking an economic and reliable repair within a responsive turnaround. 

The resulting Test Fixture and breakthrough in development has allowed NDC engineers to put these drives through a series of nine exacting function tests including full load testing on a dynamometer.

Our Team completed the project in January, and we can announce that in addition to a run test capability , we are now stocking the entire VF11BR, VF22BR, VF33BR and VF44BR range on a Service Exchange basis and also offering a Repair-only option.

For further information on support for these units, please contact your local NDC Service Centre on free phone 0800 137104.


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