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Ingersoll Rand Nirvana Drive – BUS Capacitor Failure

(JUNE 2015)

Recently one of NDC’s clients, a company which is a leading provider and installer of air compressors, nitrogen generators and vacuum systems, experienced difficulties with a Nirvana Drive manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. 


“A capacitors job is to develop and release a charge across its conductive elements, and the larger the capacitor, the longer it takes for that charge to build up or release.”

– Dan Heinzsch,


Working with the customer to gather information prior to testing, our engineers were able to verify that the issue was damaged BUS Capacitors.


The function of these capacitors is to act as a power supply filter. 


Following further assessment by our engineers, it was clear that the BUS capacitors were damaged beyond repair. This meant we had to replace them with new ones. Following the repair, the unit was fully refurbished and brought back to the original manufactured standards. The unit was returned, fully functioning, to our client in 3 days.


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