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(JUNE 2015)

Recently NDC were contacted by a major electrical repair company who offer services to offshore oil and gas installations and major shipping companies.


They were experiencing difficulties with a type of programmable relay manufactured by Himap called the Himap FI Function Relay used for monitoring and control purposes in the transfer of gasses and liquids in bulk storage and transportation.



The Himap relay units are used on drilling platforms and tankers in the generator banks and each tanker or platform utilises several of these relays which are a very high cost item to replace in terms of both financial outlay and lead time for replacements.


Previously the only option had been to use these costly and time consuming replacement relays, however after working with the customer to gather testing information, our engineers reverse engineered the units and were able to build a detailed picture of how the units function.


Once the test and diagnostics were completed NDC engineers were able to carry out fast and effective repairs to the units, adhering to our tried and tested “Test-Diagnose-Repair-Test” routine to ensure the unit would work first time and give many years of service.


As our client had previously unable to source a reliable repair for this component in order to confirm the quality of the repair further testing was carried out in their workshop, and by the end user who could as able to verify the results according to their strict repair specification.


We have heard from our customer that this successful repair of such an unusual and critical component to this high standard has provoked a lot of interest from other shipping and oil and gas companies who could see the dual benefits of making a significant saving on maintenance cost, and reducing the lead time of repairs.


This is an excellent demonstration of how working in a close partnership with our customer brings about a result which can create new business opportunities for both parties, improving an existing service capability and saving significant amounts of time and money for all parties involved.


Have you been told you can only replace certain components because they are unsuitable for repair? Are there any obsolete or unusual pieces of equipment with which you are experiencing service problems?


Perhaps a call to NDC may lead to the solution to your problem. With our highly skilled engineers available 24/7, free collection & delivery across the UK & Ireland, free assessment & quotation with no obligation, & a 12 month warranty as standard, NDC is here to make your life easier. Call us today on 0800 137 104 to arrange for a free collection & quotation.

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