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As B&R Move Toward Industry 4.0, Is Your Equipment Moving Toward Obsolescence?

(SEP 2015)

Industry 4.0 is seen as being the next industrial revolution. Its aim is to have seamless integration between smart, internet-connected machines and human labour, were all of your machines are custom made and constantly talking to each other throughout the production process over radio signals. All this controlled and easily altered through the internet on your laptop or phone. 

With B&R’s range of robotics that offer higher levels of flexibility and cooperation with humans in the food and beverage industry, they are paving the way to full industrial automation. But with these advances being implemented as such a rapid rate, it’s almost impossible to have continuing investments into the latest machinery.


NDC are leading specialists in Acopos B&R servo motor and drive repair and maintenance. We have customers coming to us from all over the world with drives and motors they have been told are obsolete, and no longer supported by the OEM.


However, we can repair and refurbish all makes and models of B&R servo motors and drives no matter how old. Not only do we have the facilities of state-of-the-art custom built test rigs, but our extensive experience with research and development and reverse engineering techniques means that we can guarantee reliability & fast turnaround on every repair.


We understand that downtime is the enemy when it comes to production facilities. In the examples below, you can see how we have helped our clients in different industries overcome their B&R problems with minimal disruption to their plant.


Service Exchange Example


We recently received a call from a major UK drinks manufacturer based in the North West. They were having a problem with a B&R Acopos 1045 on one of their production lines. Because we are now holding stocks of Service Exchange drives, we were able to dispatch a replacement on the same day that we received their authorisation. We at NDC appreciate the need for speed when dealing with manufacturing issues and we go the extra mile to keep your production lines doing just that, producing!


The client was able to get up and running and keep the drink flowing so “cheers” to NDC for getting the party started.


B&R Repair Example


B&R drives are popular in many industry sectors and along with food and beverage, printing is one of the largest. One of our large clients in the print industry sent three drives to us because they were dissatisfied with the turnaround time they were getting for repairs from the OEM. The customer was operating on a restricted budget as they had several Acopos drives which needed attention and for this reason they opted for repair rather than service exchange. NDC were able to carry out the repairs and re-stock the client’s stores faster and more economically than the OEM without compromising anything on quality.


All the repairs are fully tested on our custom rig before leaving the workshop to make sure that if you take a spare repaired by NDC from your shelf you can be confident it will work perfectly first time.


Have you struggled to find a repairer for your ‘obsolete’ B&R units? A call to NDC will lead to the solution. With our highly skilled engineers are available 24/7, offering free collection and delivery across the UK and Ireland, free assessment and quotation with no obligation, a 1 Year Warranty on drive repairs and a 2 Year Warranty on servo motor repairs as standard.


NDC are here to make your life easier. Call us today on 0800 137 104 to arrange for a free collection and quotation of a drive or call 0800 032 8848 for a free collection & quotation of a servo motor.

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