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Shut Down – Start Up – Failure?

(SEP 2015)

We know that summer shut downs can be a doubled edged sword, on one hand you get a chance to strip out and repair parts that are on their last legs, do essential routine maintenance and get everything cleaned down and ready for the peak usage that comes with the next Coronation Street special.

But we also know that the power surge of restarting full generation can cause unexpected failure and undo all of your good work over the past month.

With NDCs same day collection and overnight electronic drive repairs, you can quickly get everything back up and running to keep the lights on and the kettles boiling.


NDC repair and test all makes of inverter from ABB to Yaskawa 616g. With our comprehensive test facilities, we can provide a fast & effective repair every time. Contact one of our tem now to discuss your repair needs or book a collection on 0161 865 6026 or email


Obsolete Drives

We have customers coming to us from all over the world with drives they have been told are obsolete, and no longer supported by the OEM. However, we can repair and refurbish all makes and models of electronic drives no matter how old, how big or how broken. We can return your drive to service and ensure you can keep continuity within your system.

At NDC, we understand the importance of keeping older drives running to avoid expensive and time consuming system reconfiguration. By repairing ‘obsolete’ drives you can keep a system running with no need to seek new type approvals or undertake any electrical design work.

If you have problems with reliability or even just finding someone to repair your older drives give one of our team a call on 0161 865 6026 or email to learn how we can get you back up and running.


Test – Diagnose – Repair – Test

NDC are trusted by some of the UK’s largest energy producers because we are able to deliver effective and reliable drive repairs every time.

Our Test – Diagnose –Repair – Test strategy means that our engineers will identify ALL faults in the drive and can make a full repair which is then tested on one of our many custom built test rigs to prove the repair is successful before it is returned to our customer.

Without a proper testing regime it is impossible to achieve effective and reliable repair every time. With thousands of successful repairs carried out and a first time repair success rate of over 99%, you can trust NDC to deliver the highest standards of workmanship every time.

To learn more about our test-diagnose-repair – test approach and how it can benefit your operations and increase inverter reliability give one of our team a call now on 0161 865 6026 or email


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