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Reverse engineering obsolete Slautterback Temperature Controller

We add to our Repairs Database every day and often come up against complicated, obsolete or more exotic electronics....

One such example is an intelligent temperature controller manufactured by Slautterback in California. The unit was being used in the dispensing of glue in the packaging industry. The temperature controllers maintain up to 9 zones at differing temperatures from the glue holding tanks through the pipe work to the dispensing heads to keep the glue in a liquid state. The glue is used to stick down the lids of Cornflake boxes but can also be used to dispense many other products. Whilst these units are no longer manufactured we understand that they are still widely used in the packaging and related industries. We 'reversed engineered' these units and also built a test rig to enable us to offer our usual ‘fully functionally tested service’ and can turn them around in 24 hours if necessary.

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