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Being more than just a repairer reduces costs by 75%

A food processing Company approached NDC to see if anything could be done to reduce the time to diagnose the failed modules within the drive and power supplies of a Siemens 611AS Drive.

The customer was using these drives along with their associated power supplies and motors on a 10 axis wrapping machine which was purpose built in the USA. Until now failed drives were diagnosed by substitution method which was time consuming. Replacement units were only available from the US which was both expensive and on long lead times. As NDC have been servicing similar drives for some time, we were confident we could help. A test rig was manufactured by NDC engineers similar to that used in our Service Centres, this cut down the time to diagnose the offending modules which are now repaired by our Slough Service Centre. The result, a 75% reduction in cost to the customer.

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