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SATO Corps Barcode Printer Service Added to Repairs Register

Sometimes ‘reverse engineering’ has to be performed ‘on the hoof’. This was the case when a NDC East Midlands were contacted at 14:00 in the afternoon with an urgent requirement to repair a failed “SATO CL612” barcode printer.

The production line was stopped and orders were halted. Although production could be rescheduled this would cause substantial financial cost and inconvenience. If the unit could be repaired within 24 hours then a contingency plan could maintain production at a minimum level. After 24 hours, major rescheduling and disruption would impact financially on the company. The printer was picked up within 60 minutes of the telephone call and was on its way to the service centre, initial diagnosis found that the unit had a blown Motor Drive Board. NDC engineers, worked drawing out the circuits and capturing the components before repairing the damage to the Motor Drive Board and parts replacement were ordered on an urgent basis to complete the repair. The final parts arrived the following day and the unit was completed and tested by 9.30am in the morning. The unit was delivered back to the customer, installed and commissioned before lunch, thus reducing the necessary rescheduling and resultant financial cost.

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