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No more extended down time for new NDC customer.

A 48-hour production stoppage on a crucial Motoman Robotics weld cell was the last straw.

After struggling on for years with inconsistent and unreliable repairs from a local company, they felt it was time to find some real expertise to ensure the future of the 26 robots. It soon became apparent that the majority of stoppages were related to faulty Yaskawa ServoPacks that had not been fully tested after repair. A number of suspect drives were dispatched for emergency repair to the Southern Service Centre in Slough. NDC engineers immediately tested the drives with a dedicated test rig for the CACR-SR**SZ units (Motoman’ s proprietary version of the standard Yaskawa servo drive). The faulty drives were repaired, refurbished, fully functionally tested and returned under our 24-hour emergency service. The problems highlighted in the repair reports concerned the maintenance manager so much that he asked NDC to test all the servo drives that had been repaired within the last 6 months to limit the possibility of stoppages in the future.

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