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Pacific Scientific SC700 and SC900 series Servo Drives

The only option for many manufacturers in the UK is to import machine tools and process equipment. Although this is the only option available if you want the best machines at the right price, many users find that the control electronics fitted to these sy

This was the motivation for a water pump manufacturer sending their Pacific Scientific 6445 indexing stepper units to NDC for a free assessment and quotation. After many unsuccessful repair attempts by local electronic repair companies and a fruitless search for an authorised Pacific Scientific repair agent in Europe, an Internet search revealed that NDC could not only repair and fully test these units but re-programme them as well. Since the initial enquiry, NDC have continued to support these units at a fixed price and also developed similar test rigs for the SC700 and SC900 series of Pacific Scientific servo drives for this and a number of other manufacturers with the same equipment.

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