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Rapid Repair Service Triumphs Again on 75KW GV3000DC240 Reliance Drive

NDC have a reputation for a quality fast emergency repair service for all types of industrial electronics. So when our customer had a failure on a crucial operation there was no question who to call for the service he required.

They made the telephone call on the Thursday morning to inform NDC that the unit was being delivered to NDC in the afternoon. Once the drive was at the Manchester service centre the team started the "Rapid Repair" process. The drive was checked for faults and the customerís symptoms were verified. The repair and overhaul of the drive then began with new components fitted and the drive received and overhaul. The drive was reassembled and then received a rigorous full functional test. The drive was then despatched and back with the customer by Saturday morning keeping the customers downtime to the minimum.

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