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Infranor MQC 1510 Amplifier

NDC have recently added the Infranor MQC 1510 series of amplifiers to to their Repairs Register as a Category ' A ' Repair, this means that the customer can be satisfied that NDC have fully functionally tested the drive before it is returned.

This PWM Brushed Servo Amplifier is very compact and offers 4 quadrant speed control to a DC servo motor with tacho and BEMF feedback devices The test rig and procedure for this DC Brushed Amplifier was developed in house by NDC engineers.This allows fault diagnosis to be performed when receiving the job and enabling faults to be found quickly and accurately.It also allows NDC to confidently offer repairs on this equipment on their Rapid Repair Service which normally means a turnaround within 24 hours.These machines and their associated motors are used in a wide variety of applications where accurate speed control is required

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