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Urgent Pizza Delivery !!! Spectrum Automatic Self adhesive Labeller.

In today’s consumer climate there is no margin for error with fresh food. It is all manufactured ‘Just In Time’, if the production process is disrupted by machine failure losses can be excessive, so time is of the essence.

When the labelling machine for a fresh pizza manufacturing line failed to work, our customer was left with losses of up to £5000 per hour and no spare machine on site. NDC were called to site to carry out repair to a faulty ‘Sessions Labeller’, two engineers were made available from various sites and put to work on diagnosing the fault. Sameday spare parts delivery were sourced and despatched to ensure a speedy repair, at the same time as parts were being delivered the machine underwent a complete overhaul to ensure that nothing else would compromise the function of the machine when it was returned. With replacement parts available the repair was carried out, the labelling machine was then functionally tested in our work shop prior to delivery back to site. The machine was returned back to the customer within 8 hours of the first call, fully repaired and overhauled at a cost of less than 30% of a new replacement. The Maintenance Team Leader – Chris Harte, was very pleased with the rapid repair stating “Super job well done” the following morning with the Labelling Machine continuing its daily run.

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