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Baldor retrofit for unsupported Nikki Denso control

Although repair is almost always the quickest way of getting production moving again after a drive failure, sometimes it just isnít possible.

Engineers at NDC in Slough were asked to repair, refurbish and test a Nikki Denso NPB-M series servo drive and motor used for high accuracy speed control of a roller head. Initial assessment revealed that the commutation feedback from the motor encoder was missing; further inspection revealed that the damage was too severe to complete a reliable repair. The machine OEM, based in Fukaya City, Japan could not offer a solution to the problem until June, which left no alternative but to begin work on a retrofit solution. As size, availability, flexibility and high accuracy were all critical to the design; NDC engineers specified a Baldor MicroFlex drive and BSM series motor for the task. All mechanical and machining work, interface wiring and programming were completed within 4 days allowing the machine to be fully tested and calibrated at the service centre for 48hrs prior to delivery. Not only was the machine delivered back to production with 7 days of the initial failure, but the chance of a reoccurrence of the failure has now been significantly reduced. As a bonus for the customer, the speed accuracy of the roller was increased by 50% simply by upgrading to the new, digital technology!

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