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NDC secure software to support the repair, overhaul & programming of Omron Sysmac C20, PLC systems.

Following a request from one of their customers NDC offered to investigate the possibility of repairing several Omron Sysmac C20 programmable controllers & I/Os.

Their customer had tried several routes to get the units repaired without success. NDC took the units in for assessment and although the hardware repair was effected quite quickly the uploading of the existing programme was proving very taxing due to the lack of available software and hardware on the market for such an old unit. Not to be put off by this NDC sought the windows based software and Host Link to effect this procedure. Following several attempts the Software was found and purchased, the Host Link interface although quite rare was eventually purchased and is now available. NDC are now offering their services for the support of these unique Programmable Controllers.

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