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AEG Modicon PLC Repair, Test & Programming

NDC have created a test jig to fully functional test the Modicon 311/411 Micro PLC.

Engineers based at the Southern Service Centre in Slough were asked to assemble the system for a customer that specialises in the repair and refurbishment of airside electric vehicles. The now obsolete PLCs cannot be retrofitted due to the sensitive nature of the application, which really left the customer with no alternative but to repair. In order to help the customer meet their service obligations, NDC have purchased a number of spare CPUs, I/O extension modules and hand-held programming terminals, which are pre-programmed and ready to be despatched at any moment to airports throughout Europe and the Middle-East. The pictures show a Micro 110 CPU being used to test a refurbished hand-held programming terminal prior to despatch.

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