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NDC Restores Pirate Ship to the ‘High Seas’

In the run up to the Easter holidays, a large theme park in Hayling Island realised that one of their major attractions was having serious problems.

The large Italian built Pirate Ship ride, with an S.C.E control system, began blowing 250 amp mains input fuses at the end of the 2006 summer season and had been left without testing until April 2007. On first inspection, NDC site engineers removed the large 180A, BRG180-4 DC drive for refurbishment and testing as the drive showed evidence of serious corrosion caused by the ride’s proximity to the sea. The drive overhaul was completed and the unit returned. Although the drive looked to be in poor condition, it was found to be operating smoothly up to its maximum current limit. The newly refurbished drive was refitted and tested, however, the drive continued to blow fuses! Further test revealed that the drive was intermittently loosing one of the reference supplies used for thyristor control; this problem was traced to a faulty contactor inside the control cabinet. The drive was retested and the ship began to sway, however, the speed regulation was very poor. Further testing revealed a short circuit winding in the drive’s auxiliary Tacho and it was decided that it needed to be replaced; however, there was no manufacturer information or V/k rpm rating for the unit. With help from the local service centre, our site engineers were able to determine the tacho details and a replacement was sent ASAP from Radio Energie. The ride was back up and running perfectly within the space of two days and within time for the park’s Easter rush.

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