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Pacific Scientific SC100 Servo Drive & Servo Motor

NDC offer a wide range of automation and industrial electronic repair services. They were recently asked to help with a problem on a Pacific Scientific SC100 series Servo Drive & Servo Motor, manufactured by IMEC.

The customer had been having serious problems with the drive, culminating in a total failure of the Drive. The Pacific Scientific drives are unlike standard servo drives as they employ a method of switching the bus voltage on and off, using an inhibit on the control board to shut down the thyristor. The fault had been caused by an excessive build up of conductive dust on the drive which during an increase in the load to the drive had caused a short in the bus circuit. During the investigation of the fault the Motor was independently tested and overhauled. The motor also is unusual in that it employs an unusual feedback device. The Tachsyn brushless tachometer/commutator is a unique transducer that can be used as a brushless dc tachometer and/or as a brushless dc motor commutator. The Tachsyn brushless transducer is a magnetic sensing device in which the output windings, field winding, and permanent magnet are all located in the stator, thus maximizing reliability. The very-low-inertia rotor has no windings, but is, instead, contoured with high- and low-reluctance poles. For further information please visit the link below.

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