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Jetter Nano 8 PLC control for a DIMAS-ES-8 AC Servo & JL3 AC Servo Motor

(June 2007) NDC offer a wide range of automation and industrial electronic repair services. They were recently asked to help with a problem on a Martin framemaking machine.


The customer had been having serious problems with the ac servo motor on this machine faulting out on overcurrent.The JL3-130-26-3RVB ac servo motor and the DIMAS-ES-8 Servo pack were sent to NDC for investigation following failure on site. NDC engineers inspected the motor and drive under laboratory conditions and found no fault which could be attributed to the servo or motor following the failure of the machine on site. Engineers were despatched to site to investigate further the possible cause of the problem. It was found that the machine would not datum and during its reference run the machine backed into the end stop causing the motor to trip on o/c.


Unloading the software from the NANO 8, there did not appear to be anything untoward, from the comments. It was found that the Axis 21 was behaving normally but the limit switches did not appear to work even though the home input LED on the DIMAS-ES-8 was functioning. Further investigation of the limit switches found that they had been wired incorrectly during manufacture. Rewiring the switches resolved the problem. Machine is now functioning correctly with a fully up to date copy of the plc programme available should the machine ever fail in the future.

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