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Baldor ServoNode 51

(June 2007) NDC can now offer a full repair, refurbishment and reprogramming service for the obsolete Servo node 51 series of AC servo drives manufactured by Baldor.

Since these small servo controllers were made obsolete it has become increasingly difficult to source reliable repairs due to the lack of spares. It has therefore been necessary for NDC to reverse engineer a number of circuits within these units in order to specify replacement or upgraded components. The complexity in guaranteeing reliable repairs for these units lies in their testing. The Servo node series of drives are designed for control via a CANbus network where each ‘node’ has a specified address. After repair, each drive is programmed, using MINT Workbench, with a series of commands designed to test all areas of the drive’s capabilities including the dynamic braking circuit and the on board PLC logic. The drive is then instructed to execute this test programme via NDC’s CANbus network. Servo node drive repairs typically take 24 hours or less, representing a significant time and cost saving over any other repair option available at present.

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