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Yaskawa SGMGH-55DCA6H servo motor

NDC remanufacture servo motor component to effect rapid 'back to service' repair

We recently received an enquiry from a leading UK kitchen manufacturer to

identify a problem with a failing 5.5kW Yaskawa incremental servo motor. The

motor was powering and controlling an automated feed and load operation at the

plant and was deemed as key equipment - minimizing costly downtime was therefore

our primary concern.  Our assessment of the unit identified the holding brake as

the problem. A search for a replacement brake yielded no results so engineers at

NDC quickly resolved to attempt a remanufacture of the device in order to get the

unit back to site, and to save the customer the costly option of a completely new

motor. The repair and complete refurbishement of the motor was undertaken and the

unit functionally tested prior to despatch and reinstallation on site.

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