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NDC service exchange solves on-site lift failure

NDC continues to support the lift industry through its unique ability to identify the specialist AC drives required for the sector.


NDC were called out to site by the Midlands branch of a leading UK lift company to investigate a fault on a Omron 3G3FV 11kw drive (on a goods lift). Having arrived at site at 09:00 hrs, the drive was tested and found to be beyond repair on-site, having suffered a major failure on the drive stage. A search was on for replacement parts/drives to effect a speedy return to service for this particular lift.

NDC do carry a very good cross section of spare service exchange AC drives on the shelf. A 15kw 3G3FV was available as a service exchange at our Midlands branch, this was despatched straight away from stock (all stock items are fully tested) to site. The engineer on-site installed and commissioned the replacement drive within eight hours of arrival. Had a service exchange not been available it would have been several days before the lift would have been available for service.

If you have any spare AC or DC lift drives, please contact us.  We are always looking to enhance our stock of specialist drives for the lift industry.

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