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Onsite support for north west healthcare company

NDC have recently developed site support services for a large healthcare company. After using NDC to assist with a number of breakdowns on critical production equipment, the company resolved to deploy preventative maintenance routines across their plant.

The company in question do not employ a maintenance team so NDC have put together a proposal to provide preventative maintenance operations within the bi-annual shutdown periods. In addition to this, NDC have a produced a ‘buy time’ contract ensuring that the company have emergency assistance 24/7 throughout the year.The schedule has been created to carry out routine maintenance to the entire plant during the shutdown including Thermographic Analysis of the electrical and electronic controls mounted inside the various cabinets.

The benefits for the company are very evident, as not only will it save on the cost of internal maintenance staff, but will considerably reduce the breakdowns throughout the year and improve the overall efficiency of the operation.

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