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Continued Support For IMO Nexus PLC at NDC

The IMO Nexus PLC that has been used for many years to control a number of lift systems is long obsolete, however...


NDC has been repairing and programming these units for a number of years and the demand from elevator service companies has continued to grow. Faults within a PLC system are often difficult to resolve, as there are few companies that have the ability to diagnose the hardware or software on-site and the back up of a service centre in order to effect a repair.

NDC have therefore taken the decision to purchase a significant number of these units for resale as spares and as service exchange units in order to reduce the downtime of our customer’s systems.

The investment into supporting these units has meant that NDC engineers have written a number of test and diagnostic programmes using IMO’s CAPS6 computer aided programming tools, a DOS based software using an IBM AT personal computer, a system that was made obsolete in 1991.

Another example of NDC engineering expert solutions in support of customers where an OEM has long lost interest

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