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Online Repair Tracking For NDC Customers

NDC has sanctioned the development of a new software system designed to take the company to the next phase in its development.

The system is being developed to allow the more than 12,000 technical records held in our Repairs Register to be shared throughout our Service Centres, giving seemless access to technical data throughout our UK operations.
The system will give greater control over production and will reduce our quoting time. Customers will also be able to see online their repairs at a glance.  The system also monitors parts inventory and our stocks of surplus equipment. Additionally, It will link with our suppliers and shippers to make for a faster more accurate system. The system has been developed to be as flexible as possible to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market.  Changes can be made to meet customer’s specific instructions via our own ‘in house’ IT department.
The system is expected to come online by May 2008

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