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UK support for Luxtec surgical light sources

Operating theatres and clinics around the UK no longer have to tolerate unacceptably long turnaround times for repairs undertaken overseas to their surgical illumination equipment

NDC have now developed the capability to fully repair and refurbish both the halogen and xenon fibre optic light sources utilized by the medical industry in surgical procedures.

These units generate a high intensity light source for attachments to endoscopes etc.  The latest technology uses the inert gas xenon which offers several advantages over halogen.  Xenon burns cooler making it more compatible for certain applications and also produces a light which is 30% brighter than halogen.  The main advantage of xenon however is that the light it produces spreads across a much wider spectrum than halogen and more closely approximates the range of natural daylight. So surgeons, not only benefit from a brighter light source, but the light produced allows them to actually see better.

The electronics deployed include high power fast-switching transistors to generate high voltages that can drive the xenon bulbs.

NDC now offer a rapid, cost-effective UK-based repairs solution to the medical industry - as opposed to the lengthy delays associated with the manufacturer's repairs undertaken overseas.

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