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GEM80 PLC Support Services

NDC have the capability to repair and overhaul all GEM80 modules, additionally we have acquired a stock of GEM 80 racks and modules, which allows full functional testing at our service centres. We can also offer a service exchange service on all our currently stocked items.

GEM80 Controllers

The GEM80 range of programmable logic controllers were originally developed in the late 1970’s it’s presence in the PLC market was quickly established and it became the PLC of choice for major manufacturing industries. These industries are as diverse as Metals, Automotive, Water, Mining, Power Generation, Food, and Oil and Gas.
Under the GEC Industrial Controls banner, the uptake of GEM80 PLC’s in the Mid 1980’s was extensive and as such they boasted approximately a quarter of the UK’s PLC market.
Early GEM 80 controllers operate in the same way as the current models, in all but a few specific areas. GEC/CEGELEC/ALSTOM have a general policy of forward compatibility within the software for the GEM 80 range of controllers. This means that newer GEM80 controllers will need very few modifications to allow older systems to be replaced by the current 400 and 500 series systems.

Controller Architecture And Operation

The basic components for all GEM 80 controllers are microprocessor modules, memory modules and a power supply unit. These components are connected onto the central highway, to allow data communication between them.
The central highway consists of a printed circuit board (PCB), containing a number of edge connectors into which the GEM 80 controller modules are fitted. This PCB forms a "backplane" through which memory and processor modules can interchange data.

Service & Repair

In addition to our capability to repair, overhaul and function test GEM80 modules, we are also able to offer a service exchange service on all our currently stocked units at NDC eBay:

GEM 80 I/O Processor                
GEM 80 Ladder Processor 
GEM 80 Read/Write memory 
GEM 80 Power Supply Unit 
GEM 80 16 Way O/P Card 
GEM 80 16 Way I/P Card 
GEM 80 Power Suuply Unit 
GEM 80 Analogue I/P Card 
GEM 80 V101 Card 
GEM 80 IOP Card                
GEM 80 SCI Card                
GEM 80 Imagem Card 
GEM 80 LDP card                
GEM 80 RAM Card                

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