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NDC Breakthrough with Barmag Lift Drive

Lift Companies throughout the UK have frequently come face-to-face with an unusual style of Lift Inverter incorporated into Schindler installations. The Drive is the Barmag Model BVS25-230Z. Originally designed as a key inverter for the operation of textile machinery, the Drive is now being used in some lift applications. These units are unusual in that they use programmable AC digital inputs and the drive is a Vector Drive.

NDC have recently completed a reverse engineering project on the drive establishing new testing and interrogation regimes to provide an enhanced repair and service capability. 

Subsequently NDC can now fully run test these drives across the full operating range incorporating the inspection, approach and levelling speeds as well as direction and dynamic braking. We have also reproduced the encoder operation and have built our own library of technical information based around this drive. Utilising specifically developed software we can tap into the control logic of the drive to interrogate the workings as well as download and upload programmes.

During 2008 NDC undertook several repairs on these units and we know there are many more of these unique drives out there. If you have Barmag drives in your portfolio, contact your local NDC Service Centre to discuss the support options now available on 0800 137104

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