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Elau Pac-Drive MC-4 and SM Servomotor Repairs

NDC now offer a comprehensive repair and full-function testing service to the meat slicing industry across the Elau range of Pac-Drives.

The MC-4 drive is commonly seen on a wide range of processing and packaging machines, most commonly, the 300, 400, 600 and 900 series of Weber slicers. These drives are used for all precision applications on these machines and are controlled either through pier-to-pier serial communications protocol, or the fibre based Sercos comms which can both be tested at our UK-wide Service Centres.

The development costs of the reverse engineering have been shared between our electronics and servomotor workshops in order to develop repair facilities for Elau’s SM series of AC servomotors. These motors require very specific diagnostic and repair facilities, as the commutation devices are in constant communication with the drive, and therefore cannot be dynamically tested using anything other than the MC-4 servo controller.

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