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NDC have recently completed Reverse Engineering of the Infranor SMVE series of Servo Amplifiers used in converting controls

This PWM Brushed Servo Amplifier is very compact and offers 4-quadrant speed control to a DC servomotor with tacho and BEMF feedback devices. NDC engineers developed the test rig and procedure for this DC Brushed Amplifier in house. This allows rapid fault diagnosis to be performed and enables NDC engineers to find faults quickly and accurately. It also allows NDC to confidently offer repairs on this equipment on our 24/7 Rapid Repair Service.

These drives and their associated motors are used in a wide variety of applications where accurate speed or torque control is required. Much of the difficulty in testing the different variants of these drives stems from the fact that many of them are fitted with customer specific option modules, created by Infranor to cope with demanding applications, such as ‘dancer arm’ control in the paper converting process.

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