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Major Investment At NDC ServoLab

NDC has made a significant new investment at ServoLab, its world class centre of excellence for the service, repair and testing of servo motors.

The company elected to make a significant new investment in technology and plant to satisfy the increasing demand from its customers for fast, reliable and cost-effective repairs to these often complex devices.
The investment has also secured NDC an endorsement by a global servo motor manufacturer to act as their UK repair centre and onsite services contractor. NDC has pioneered a ‘seamless support service’ specifically for OEMs and Machine Builders.

Services and facilities now available include: 

NDC’s specialist ServoLab has recently completed repair projects covering the Allen Bradley 1326AB Servo Motor. These high performance, three-phase, brushless, AC, synchronous servo motors are designed by Allen-Bradley to meet the stringent requirements of high performance motion systems. In this application, the motors are utilised on bacon slicing and packaging machinery and are placed under extensive setup and test procedures in the Laboratory. Using the latest Servo setup and test equipment, the motors are firstly given the necessary mechanical treatment followed by precision setup of the feedback option (Brushless Resolver or Absolute Encoder)
Final action involves load testing to full capacity and testing of the capabilities of smooth operation at low speeds.

If you are an OEM, machine builder or end-user and would like to know more about the range of services available at our ServoLab facility, please call your local service centre 0800137104

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