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NDC Roll Out Crane Services to Self Erecting Fleets

NDC have recently broken into the Self Erecting Crane hoist drive repair market. We were recently asked to look at the viability of repairing the Telemecanique ATV58, hoist drive on a Potain IGO18 Self Erecting Crane.

Having been an established repairs contractor in the Tower Crane sector for many years, it was felt that the repair of variable speed drives on lower load applications may not be economically viable, but having now engineered-out many of the costs within the test-diagnose-repair-test process, NDC can now offer a very competitive repair and overhaul of these drives.

If you have a VSD repair requirement within your Potain, Liebherr or Terex-Comedil fleets please contact your local NDC service centre to discuss the support now available.

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