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NDC Announce New UPS Support Services

NDC have introduced a new range of services aimed at supporting UPS systems following demand from our customers in the power generation industry.

We have designed a  package of on-site and service centre-based services to support the full service, refurbishment, repair and testing of UPS systems.

The package aims to offer support for large obsolete, thyristor-based systems from 50kVA upto 1MW providing safe supply for generator controls and other station applications.
We can also supply semiconductors (IGBTs or Thyristors), repair control PCBs and repair or replace battery chargers.
Additionally, we have also developed support capacity for the modern IGBT-based systems and our testing regime includes steady state, dynamic, overload and fault testing as well as monitoring of voltage, current, frequency and power which are automatically measured for each system under test.

Your local service centre will be able to schedule a site visit, or a collection for assessment via free phone 0800 137104  

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