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Indramat 33kW Spindle Motor

NDC is currently undertaking a major refurbishment programme at the Midlands site of a national newspaper printer which involves the removal and refurbishment of Indramat 33kW Spindle Motors (2AD 134D B050D1), commonly found on plant of this type.

Our customer, who has around 200 motors onsite, is finding repeat oil contamination. Although the motor is a Spindle Motor, it does have an encoder which is critical in repair and setup. NDC carries out the repair, refurbishment and testing at it's world class ServoLab facility which is specifically equipped to handle the advanced encoder arrangements used on motors of this type.

The overhaul work carried out to these motors involves initially a Static Test and Light Run Test and then the unit is dismantled. All the parts are checked and tested and the unit is cleaned throughout. The Stator Windings are washed out, the unit is stoved out to obtain suitable IR, varnished and cured. All internal parts are Vaqua Blasted and coated with Antitrack VA. New bearings are fitted, and the unit is reassembled. Final tests involve a vibration test to BS4675.

The motors are then fitted with an oil thrower to correct the problem of oil contamination and finally the critical encoder adjustments are made under final load testing.

NDC expects to roll out the programme over the entire site over the next six to eight months.

If we can be of any assistance with plant of this type in a repair capacity or refurbishment project, please contact your local service centre via 0800 137104

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