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NDC Completes Baumuller Modular Reverse Engineering Project


(July 2010)

NDCís ServoLab facility has recently completed a Reverse Engineering Project to establish Test - Diagnose - Repair - Test Procedures across the range of Baumullerís DS/DA Servo Motors.

Widely used in the printing industry the DS/DA motors are part of the BMS modular system which has been designed to match to the Servo Drive series; BUM (single axis), BKH (single axis with regenerative mains supply) and BUG/BUS (multi-axes-system). NDC had previously completed Reverse Engineering Schemes on these Servo Drives, and given our recent success can now offer a full service ,repair and function test service on the Baumuller Modular System to the Printing Industry.

If you are experiencing difficulty acquiring effective support in the UK for these units, then please call your local NDC Service Centre via 0800 137104.

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