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NDC assessment and repair saves care home 25,000 system refit !


(September 2010)

NDC were recently called out to assess a Lift system that had been out of commission for five weeks. The service contractor called our Site Services Team to assess the system as it had been previously deemed as unrepairable and potentially requiring a 25,000 full lift drive system refit.

NDC Engineers attended site and found the lift stuck between two floors and the drive and control system completely dead. After establishing that the Permanent Magnet Motor was functional, we stripped the entire drive and control system out for testing back at our Service Centre.

Following our System Analysis and FunctionTesting we determined that the main IBGT board in the drive proved to be faulty, with other auxillary faults in both the drive and control systems. These faults were corrected and the system put back on test. Testing then indicated that the drive and control systems whilst now working independently were not functional as a unit (as the drive was not seeing the CAN signal or the original manufacturers software program).

To address these issues NDC have invested into the development of a sophisticated tool to enable the drive to receive the CAN signal and the OEM's original software program. After applying this, our system re-test verified that the faults were clear and the unit was operational.

The unit was despatched to site, tested, commissioned and returned to service within seven days of us receiving the call (and at an absolute fraction of the cost initially quoted).

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