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As tempers escalate - NDC called in to help passengers get away

E.Kretzschmar Motor

(March 2011)

An escalator at a major UK international airport suddenly stopped working causing a lot of inconvenience for passengers during a busy weekend.

The engineering team at the airport found one of the escalator motors (an E.Kretzschmar GPM080LG DC Motor) to be tripping and causing the escalator to fail.

The airport called the escalator company who informed them that these motors were available on a 5 week delivery. The airport team not happy with the answer decided to call NDC ServoLab who gave them an option of a 24 hour repair on these motors. The motor on its arrival at our repair facility was dismantled and the armature was found to be burnt. The armature was then handed over to our rewind team who rewound the armature. All the other parts of the motor were tested extensively during this time. The armature was rewound and handed over to our repair engineers who assembled the motor as per manufacturer's specifications. The motor was then magnetized to manufacturer ratings. The motor was then handed over to our testing team who tested the motor (subjecting it to a real time load). Once the motor passed through the testing procedure it was painted and dispatched. The airport engineering team installed the motor on arrival at the airport immediately. The escalator was then tested and once the airport engineers were satisfied with the repair the escalator was commissioned into service. Hence the motor was repaired and delivered back to the airport in 20 hours

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