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NDC's ServoLab selected ahead of OEM to effect repair to MRL PM Motor

Control Techniques UniMotor

(September 2010)

A Lift in a high-rise tower came to a sudden halt causing a lot of inconvenience to the people working in the tower. The Facilities Manager called in the Lift service company who identified the cause of the problem as the main Lift motor (a Control Techniques PM UniMotor with a Stegmann SinCos Hiperface Encoder).

The Lift company were informed by the motor manufacturer that their options would be to either obtain a new motor on a lead-time of approximately 8 weeks, or to have the motor repaired by the OEM, which would take about 4 weeks.

Given this, the Lift company decided to send the motor to NDC's ServoLab facility for repair on the basis of a faster turnaround. When the motor was received at ServoLab, it was put through our rigorous diagnostic testing process and the problem was identified as the motor encoder. Our ServoLab engineers then successfully downloaded the program written on the eeprom of the encoder and decoded it with our advanced encoder programming equipment. The motor was then serviced and a new encoder was sourced and fitted to the motor. The encoder was then programmed to suit the motor and the Lift drive system. The motor was then extensively load tested with the OEM drive system. After the motor had passed our inspection and function testing, the unit was despatched back to site and re-installed. The Lift engineer then ran a series of tests and certified that the repair met their certification criteria.

NDC's exacting standards of customer service, fast turnaround and proven repair reliability left the OEM standing, and both the FM and Lift companies very pleased that they had returned the Lift back to service so quickly and efficiently.

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